Our Mission, Vision, Values and Long Terms Goals


Provide services to empower disabled people, those with long term health conditions, vulnerable adults and Carers to improve their lives and wellbeing.



We wish to challenge and change attitudes so that society is fair and inclusive and everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and achieve their full potential.



In the pursuit of our mission we will work to the following values:

  • Welcoming – we will offer the hand of friendship and support to all those we provide services to, those who work and volunteer for us and all our partners.
  • Inclusive – we will promote equal opportunities at all times and actively seek to work in partnership with others. 
  • Impartial – we will not be judgemental and act fairly towards all. The support and advice we provide will be independent and based on people’s specific circumstances.
  • Dedicated – we will always go the extra mile in our care, consideration and support of others.
  • Confidentiality – we will treat people’s information and the stories they share with us with respect and confidentiality.
  • Accomplished – we will continually seek to develop the skills and gain further experiences and insight that help us to support and empower others.
  • Celebration – we will recognise and celebrate people’s efforts, contributions and successes.

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Long term Goals 2021 - 2025

We have set each goal and how we will measure this


Deliver a quality service for disabled and vulnerable people

  • Gain at least a 95% good to excellent satisfaction rate from customer surveys


Help disabled people and vulnerable adults have their Voice heard and influence public attitudes and behaviours towards disability

  • Becoming a fully fledge DPULO (Disabled Persons User Led Organisation) with 50% of volunteers and staff with a disability and 75% of the Board.
  • Be responsive to service users and the local disabled community by carrying out surveys, focus groups, and questionnaires to collect their views and feed to appropriate stakeholders and into our annual report.
  • Real life stories are used to promote the reality of disability on social media, in newsletters and to stakeholders and commissioners.


To help disabled people and vulnerable people live independently

  • 1000 handbooks delivered across Cheshire East listing all local services that support disabled people and provide electronically on our website
  • Offering an Information and advice service to ensure that people get the right information to be able to make choices and take control
  • Promote digital inclusion by offering access to computers and learning.
  • Access audits are promoted as an income stream to ensure more accessible venues and services in Cheshire East


Empower disabled people, those with long term health conditions and vulnerable people to improve their employment opportunities

  • Ensure all disabled and vulnerable people using our services are made aware of learning and employment support opportunities.
  • Offer accessible learning opportunities (subject to funding)
  • Offer (subject to funding) employment support and mentors


Be a valued partner of choice for other organisations, helping to improve disabled and vulnerable people’s lives

  • Work with partners with common goals through services and collaboration.
  • Meet or exceed contractual targets
  • Gain at least a 95% good to excellent satisfaction rate from partners’ surveys