Blue Badge Application

Blue Badge Application

Blue Badge holders are able to park closer to their destination either as the driver or passenger. Blue Badge is a national scheme that is open to individuals who qualify and organisations that care for those individuals.It will cost £10 for a new, renewal or replacement Blue Badge and you can get your Blue Badge photo for free at the library.If you live in Cheshire East you should only apply for a Blue Badge from the Cheshire East Council website. Be aware that other websites may charge you for the application of the badge as well as the cost of the badge.


You may be able to get a badge if you:

  • have a disability which means you are not able to walk
  • have a disability and have a great difficulty walking from your car to where you want to go
  • have a disability which means that you are likely to come to harm when you are walking
  • have a disability and you are likely to harm someone when you are walking
  • are registered blind, or are getting certain benefits
  • became disabled while you were serving in the armed forces
  • drive a vehicle (probably adapted) and have a disability in both of your arms
  • have a disabled child under 3 years old and you always have medical equipment with them that is hard to carry or you always have to be close to the vehicle in case of emergency

Attendance Allowance is not a qualifying benefit for a Blue Badge.

Further details can be found at

or call 0300 123 5020


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