Holiday Information for People with a Disability

Holidays for People with a Disability

The following suggestions and websites may help people decide where to go for their family holiday offering you support and information prior to setting off.  When planning a holiday either in the UK or abroad you need to take into account the following factors: -

  • Accessibility of the accommodation
  • What equipment you might need – e.g., hoist, washing equipment, stair lifts etc.,
  • Accessing the washing facilities – bathroom/shower room
  • Transport
  • Travel Insurance

Holidays in the UK

Below is a list of suggested organisations who offer information on accommodation and facilities that will cater for your every need. 


https:\\           Tel: 0141 406 1821

Holidays Abroad

You may wish to venture further and travel abroad.  Below is a list organisations suggesting suitable accommodation and facilities as well as giving you some excellent guidance on travelling to and from your ideal destination.

When contacting holiday providers, airlines, hotels etc, clearly state your needs and what assistance you require - just telling people you have a particular disability doesn’t mean that they will understand your needs, so clearly explain them.

You might find it helpful to use a standard form: the Association of British Travel Agents provides a Checklist for Disabled and Less Mobile Passengers

Travel Insurance

Always ensure you have the relevant insurance to cover your health condition, ideally with a company who specialises with disabilities.  Some suggestions are: -


One element that must be planned in advance is the travel and to and from your destinations especially if you are planning to travel by plane, it is advisable to contact the airlines to make the necessary arrangement. 

When abroad it is helpful to have a clear understanding of what your rights are in a foreign country when using Disabled Parking Badges, Permits and Placards around the world.  Refer to the website: -

Need to borrow a wheelchair for your holiday?

The British Red Cross may be able to loan you one free of charge.