Access To Work

Access to Work

Access to Work is a type of grant that provides practical and financial support to help overcome work related barriers. It can also help employers by giving them practical advice and guidance to help them understand physical and mental ill health and how they can support employees.

Access to Work is only available if the employer is based in England, Scotland or Wales. There is a different system in Northern Ireland. As of 1st October 2015, the Access to Work grant is capped at £40,800 a year.

You can apply for Access to Work if you:

  • Are 16 or over.
  • Have a disability or have a health condition (physical or mental) that impacts your ability to work.
  • Are about to start a job; a work trial; or in a paid or self-employed job.

Examples of what Access to Work can help with:

  • A communicator or interpreter for a job interview if you are deaf or have communication difficulties.
  • A support worker, such as a reader for somebody with a visual impairment; a specialist coach for a person with a learning difficulty; or a helper for personal care needs at work.
  • Specialist equipment (or alterations to existing equipment) to suit your particular needs.
  • Fares to work if you cannot use public transport.
  • Workplace mental health support services for people with mental health issues and requires support to stay in work.

If you think you can get help from Access to Work, please contact:

Access to Work

Telephone: 0345 268 8489

Textphone: 0345 608 8753

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