Wheelchair Loan Service

A volunteer demonstrating use of a wheelchair

We are able to offer short-term loan of wheelchairs according to need, for example, after a short illness, an operation or injury; whether for school, work or domestic needs. We can also arrange loans for holidays or day trips.

  • All wheelchairs are non-powered; either transit (requires assistance) or self-propelled.
  • Chairs are loaned for a 6 week period.
  • Where a chair may be required for long-term or permanent use, we advise securing a permanent wheelchair which may require a GP referral.
  • There is a short form to complete when borrowing a wheelchair.
  • This is a free service maintained solely through voluntary donations.  Any donations received for this service are split between the Disability. Information Bureau and the British Red Cross.
  • For holidays or day trips, booking in advance is advisable; loan may be subject to a deposit.

For further information or to request a booking please contact us via the details below.