Community Cars Service

Picture of a Community Car Volunteer helping someone into a car

What is Community Cars?

Community Cars is a service for residents of the Macclesfield area who are unable to use public transport or taxis due to mobility or medical reasons, permanent or temporary. Community Cars functions through the generous and caring support of volunteer drivers who use their own cars to help fellow residents to get out and about. Individuals will be required to register with Community Cars as a client, involving answering a few basic questions such as name, address, disability and any further needs.

As this is a new service we will do our best to arrange journeys , but may not be able to all requests.

What sort of journeys can be taken?

All types of journey will be considered such as:

  •  Hospital or Doctor appointments
  •  Visits to sick friends or relatives
  •  Dental appointments
  •  Visits to support groups
  •  Visits to a shopping centre

What is the cost?

The charge we agree with you  is to cover the cost of the mileage paid to the driver and a small charge to pay for our staff to arrange. We do not make a profit.

How do I request a journey?

The office is open five days a week Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm. Call us on 01625 613111 or email us