3. Borrowing a Wheelchair from the Disability Information Bureau

3. Borrowing a Wheelchair from the DIB  

We are able to offer the short-term or temporary loan of wheelchairs to anyone who has a disability e.g. after a short illness or operation, to enable someone to return to work or school more quickly or to take a holiday or day trip. For more long term wheelchair requirements please contact Social Care for an Assessment (see sheet 15 for more information).

  • To reserve a wheelchair, contact our Macclesfield Branch on 01625 501759.
  • Try to make an advance booking wherever possible to avoid disappointment.
  • All wheelchairs are manual; either transit (requiring someone to push the user) or self-propelling.
  • All potential users are asked their weight. This is to ensure personal safety as most of our wheelchairs cannot accommodate users over 18 stone.
  • For those wishing to borrow a self-propelling wheelchair there is a short health questionnaire to complete to establish suitability.
  • Chairs can be loaned out for up to 6 weeks. If the user is likely to require a permanent wheelchair in the future, it is advisable to obtain the necessary assessment as soon as possible.
  • There is a short form to complete and sign when borrowing and returning a wheelchair.
  • In the event of a wheelchair being borrowed to facilitate a holiday abroad, a returnable deposit of £150 is required.
  • Although there is no charge for the hiring of a wheelchair for use within the UK, donations (which can be gift-aided) are welcomed and split between the Disability Information Bureau and the British Red Cross.